What we do

We want all children and young people to feel safe and happy. We have thousands of volunteers helping those who need us the most.

We help students with their homework, you can chat to us about things that may trouble you, we also talk to students about asylum.

We have friend groups for young people who have just arrived in Sweden and our breakfast clubs make sure that school children get a good start to the day.

Every week across Sweden thousands of volunteers help those who need us the most.

The root of our work is our members who gather at local branches all over the country.

Our vision – a humane society

The Red Cross Youth’s vision is a humane society where children and young people’s value is most important. We believe that every child and young person is intelligent and talented and they should have the right to use these qualities.

A humane society should respect children and young people’s human rights and give them the possibilities to live a good life. Humanity must come first at all times.

The CRC in practice

Our work is based on The Convention on the Rights of the Child. We want all children and young people to feel involved.

All children and young people should feel that they have the right to influence their daily lives. Their spare time should be safe and meaningful.


Love and respect – how damn difficult can it be?