02 jun, 2021

RKUF-intro 2 juni kl. 16:00-18:15 (English)

Plats: Online.

This is where you sign up for the Red Cross Youth digital training ”RKUF-intro”. During this training session you get to learn more about the history of the Red Cross Youth, about our fundamental principals and guidelines. Together we will discuss how the organisation works for the rights of children and youths, through activities as well as through advocacy work.

It is obligatory for all volunteers at the Red Cross Youth to have attended this training at least once. Last day to sign up for RKUF-intro is Monday 31th of May.

The training is digital, and you will be sent an with a link to the digital room a few days before the training. Do you have questions? Don´t hesitate to send an email to mika.larsson@redcross.se or andrea.wingardh@redcross.se

See you there!

Love and respect,

Team of Assosiation development

The Red Cross Youth looks after your personal integrity and your right to have controol of your personal information. We follow the Red Cross policy. You can read more about it here: https://www.rodakorset.se/personlig-integritet/