Vår utmaning till årets SIME klar!

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Nu utmanar vi företag att hjälpa oss hjälpa fler i årets upplaga av SIME non-profit challenge:

Youth are our future, still they feel the most lonely in our society. Since 1986 our volunteers has helped young people feel less lonely through our chat and telephone helpline ”Jourhavande Kompis”. Our goal is to give young people a chance to speak to other young people about all those things that sometimes break your heart. Year after year we talk to those who need a friend the most and when we get mail from parents as this one we know that we are needed.

We now challenge you to help us help even more:
• A helping friend should never be far away. We want to be able to embed our chat at other sites and reach even more young people through different marketing actions.
• We get tons of important information about what youth think about and what their needs are. Help us gather and sorts this information se we can develop our work and influence Swedish youth policy.