Friend groups for unaccompanied children

Our friend groups have many different activities for children and young people who have come to Sweden alone. These children are usually in a very vulnerable situation.

Our friend groups consist of volunteers who meet with unaccompanied children. The children we meet are usually waiting, or have just gotten, the answer if they can stay in Sweden or not.

The friend groups play billiards, they do homework, have snacks, practice languages, climb or ski. Some friend groups organizes summer camps. Today we have about 25 friend groups across Sweden.

The friend groups are a good way for young people to meet. The meetings can help to make their days easier and they get to talk to other people in the same situation.

The friend groups also give these children a better start in Sweden.

Unaccompanied children – a vulnerable group

Children and young people coming to Sweden alone are usually in a very vulnerable situation. The children and young people we meet live in short-term homes. They are usually waiting for an asylum decision, or waiting to be moved to another home.

Being part of a friend group makes waiting for the asylum decision a little easier.

You can help – be a volunteer

As a volunteer in a friend group you get the training and knowledge that is needed to carry out this mission.

If you want to become a volunteer in a friend group, contact your nearest Red Cross association. If you do not have a local branch where you live, please contact our main office.